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bi5 for Better Decisions

bi5 Solutions is much more than the software products we support. We have the knowledge, experience, and ‘can-do’ approach your business needs to help you connect the dots and use your data to make good decisions quickly, enabling your business to thrive.

Business Intelligence Solutions Reporting

We offer solutions for business intelligence, reporting, forecasting and planning, and making important fact based decisions. We help you integrate key data from various sources and transform it into valuable insights that can be easily shared and understood by an entire organisation, providing business users with a customised yet unitary vision.

Business Intelligence

Bring your data to life and uncover valuable insights with your business analytics, key performance indicators (KPIs) and important data points in our visually intuitive Business Intelligence dashboards and reports.

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Budgeting Planning and Forecasting

Transform your planning, budgeting and forecasting. Build an intuitive and time saving process for your business – in any industry, regardless of its complexity.

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Operational and Financial Reporting

Streamline your corporate reporting time, eliminate errors in data preparation and take the headache out of complicated consolidated operational and financial reporting with our award-winning solutions.

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Improve business performance by reducing the risks and hassles associated with your manual and ad hoc data extraction, integration and reporting processes through our automation solutions, with real time feedback.

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Data integration & warehousing

Make the most of your disparate data with an integrated warehouse/data warehouse. With all your data integrated into a single location, data analysis and reporting is much easier.

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Case Study - Ruah

Ruah, a not-for-profit community service, was looking for a solution to help improve accuracy, process and time for budgeting and forecasting to overcome challenges around budgeting for a workforce of shift employees working a variety of hours with different loading rates and pay grades, and salary based employees with individual allowances. bi5 Solutions worked closely with the Ruah team to develop an innovative solution in the Jedox EPM platform. Through bi5’s implementation of an improved budgeting and forecasting solution, Ruah’s has reported greater accuracy and a significant reduction in its total budgeting time.

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Business Intelligence Services

We are invested in helping you to get your business where it needs to be. We don’t just sell the software, we work with you in partnership to develop a solution tailor-made for your requirements. We also offer ongoing training and support to give you the knowledge to develop and enhance the solution internally.

Proof of Concept

Our Proof of Concept (POC) service allows you to build out a business case for a budgeting and forecasting or business intelligence (BI) solution without a large investment. We can do this quickly to demonstrate the feasibility and relevance of the solution to your business.

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Let us help you develop a user friendly solution tailored to your business. Our business intelligence (BI), operational and financial reporting, budgeting, planning and forecasting expertise will ensure you choose the right technology solution for the specific needs for your organisation.

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Design & Implementation

We design and implement technology solutions for enterprise and medium-sized businesses across Australia. We provide business intelligence solutions, operational and financial reporting, budgeting planning and forecasting solutions, no matter how complex. We can also do as much or as little as you require.

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Our maintenance and support services ensure your business performance investment is kept up to date with technological advancements, and continues to deliver returns to your business into the future.

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Reduce your reliance on external consultants by developing your internal capabilities to support and enhance your BI solution. bi5’s experienced consultants will pass on their vast experience through a range of training options so you can get self service BI.

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What our clients say

“Over the years I have worked with and implemented several business software packages. None have excited me more than BOARD, with its flexibility to adapt to the individuality of a business or the simplicity to manage in-house. bi5’s understanding, commitment, design and implementation in combining our operational and financial data via ‘single point of entry’ with ‘Excel’ like functionality makes roll-out a breeze. I believe the combination of Bi5 and BOARD are an Asset to any business’ success”

Ken Banks, General Manager – Corporate (MLG oz)

“It is nice to work with a consultant who genuinely thinks about the problem and tries to find solutions that will work best for us. “

Nebojsha Franich, Manager Decision Support, Nulsen Group

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To many people, particularly software vendors, Business intelligence means attractive graphs and charts. But to us it is much more than that. It is a process by which we use technology to integrate and analyse current and historical data for the purpose of improving your strategic/fact-based decision making to provide you with a competitive advantage.
Every organisation has a variety of different software systems that perform important but specific and specialised purposes. The problem is they generally operate independently of each other. The data sets they collect are in separate silos, making any integrated data analysis and reporting an often slow and manual process. A business intelligence platform integrates and summarises only relevant data from these separate systems to provide a more complete view of what is happening in a business. A BI platform also allows for easy ‘what-if’ analysis, scenario planning and modelling and other BI applications.
The most successful and fastest growing businesses in the world couldn’t operate without BI systems.

For example, one of the most successful apparel retailers in the world relies on BI data to understand what is happening in its global business. Data is loaded from its 8000+ retail stores across the globe every 15 minutes and sales trends are analysed from many different perspectives. One of the biggest costs for retailers is floor space so if articles aren’t selling, they need to move them, reduce the price or replace them. Bi software integrates data sources and provides an analytics platform for business insights like trends, impacts of weather, promotions, advertising etc. etc. With big data, without business intelligence tools, this level of data analytics couldn’t be performed easily, making it very difficult to manage such a complex global operation.
Data visualization is a way to present business intelligence data. Well-designed visuals give managers a picture of their key indicators, and allow them to quickly and easily identify those areas that are not performing to the planned level. When problems are identified, a good BI solution will allow users to drill into the relevant lower level data, within the single BI platform/interface, to analyse the problem.
Can you afford not to implement a BI solution to optimise your business performance? There are many different options in the market for BI solutions to suit every business size and requirements. At bi5 our philosophy is to think broad, start small, and deliver quickly. The key is to identify the key drivers in your business, find the data sources that define them, and then present the data in a meaningful way. With a more complete BI solution you can then adjust the drivers and test the likely outcomes of possible scenarios
In simple terms, an ERP system collects the enterprise raw data, whereas Business Intelligence software performs data analytics and provides dashboards and other interfaces to present that data in ways that make it easily understood and allows users to identify actionable opportunities.

An ERP system is a transaction processing system which manages the day to day administrative operations of an organisation. A BI system extracts the relevant data from the ERP system, integrates it with relevant data from other transactional systems like CRM, HR and external data to allow users to analyse the overall performance of the business.