At bi5 we think differently

We’re partners to our customers, not just consultants.

At bi5 we pride ourselves on our down to earth approach and our ability to communicate in a way that makes the complex, simple.

Our teams’ unique skills and expertise allow us to quickly understand complex business situations and devise effective, intelligent solutions.

Our goal is to enable and support our clients to successfully implement a technology transformation in your organisation.

Providing a flexible approach, allowing for cost-effective delivery and customised solutions to drive efficiency for our clients is a priority for the Bi5 team.

We wish our customers to be confident and empowered by our services and solutions. Your goals are our motivation. By helping you solve issues and improve business processes and operations, we will help you to take your business to the next level.

We view our customers as partners and together we have achieved outstanding results across various industries.

Business Intelligence
& Dashboards

Bring your important data points, business analytics and key performance indicators (KPIs) to life with our visually intuitive dashboards.

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Planning Budgeting & Forecasting

Transform your planning, budgeting and forecasting. Build a simple and time-saving process for all departments and teams, no matter the complexity of your organisation.

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Financial Reporting

Streamline your corporate reporting time, eliminate errors and take the headache out of complicated consolidated financial reporting with our award-winning solutions.

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Data Automation

Manually updating data is time-consuming, resource-intensive and prone to error. Streamline your business processes with our automation services and ensure you have the right information available at your fingertips in real-time.

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Data Integration

Combine knowledge from different sources to provide a unified view of your company’s data assets. This allows you to undertake detailed analysis with the ability to slice and dice information at every level.

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Our History

bi5 was established in 2010 on the foundation of delivering effective technology solutions to our clients. We have grown to become a Perth leader in business intelligence.

bi5’s founder Kim Pinkerton has over 30 years experience in the IT industry working for several global organisations in large scale, back-office computing. During this time he saw that emerging ‘front office’ BI technology could add real insight and value to businesses. So, he started bi5 to help companies get the most from their business data with modern integrated BI technology.

In 2012 Brendan Broughton joined bi5 as technical and delivery lead adding youth, financial skills and Excel expertise to the team.

bi5 has since established its head office on St Georges Terrace in the heart of Perth and expanded nationally with customers throughout WA, NSW and Victoria.

Our Mission & Values

Our mission is to help our clients achieve their desired business outcomes through technology.

We are committed to helping our clients solve their business problems. We are committed to building long term relationships to deliver exceptional outcomes.
We work alongside our clients as a team. You can always rely on us to provide excellent service and deliver effective solutions.
We rely on mutual trust. We need our client’s trust to get optimal results and we trust our clients to work with us in a collaborative way.

Management Team

Kim Pinkerton
Founder and Chairman.

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Brendan Broughton
Principal Consultant

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Why Us?

At bi5 we know accessing your data is only part of the story.

It is the ability to integrate and analyse data in order to make smart decisions, fast that can really deliver value.

An Agile Approach

We will very quickly gain an understanding of your business and the solution you both want and need.

Guided by an Agile approach to project management, we ensure the ultimate solution is the most effective and in the appropriate form, ready when you need it, and within your budget.

From consulting, through to proof of concept, design, implementation, training and support, our services are flexible and customisable to suit your business needs and budget at every stage of the process.

We Bridge The Gap

We understand data and the power of making the complex simple, accessible and usable.

With extensive experience delivering solutions using a wide array of technology platforms, we bridge the knowledge and understanding gap that often exists between those who require the solution and those who build the solution.

Real People, Real Results

Unlike large organisations, when you engage bi5 you get personalised service from initial discussion through to project delivery and ongoing support. You can be sure we will talk the same language and understand the complexities involved.

Our one-to-one approach also limits rework required due to miscommunication when requirements are passed through too many hands.

So, while our work is technology based, it’s the relationships we establish with our clients that add ongoing value.

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