Our BI consulting services start with gaining an understanding of your business, the pain points you wish to resolve, along with your needs and requirements.

From this, we are able to offer recommendations for how your issue can be resolved and deliver an effective solution to achieve your desired outcomes within your time and budget constraints.


We understand that business conditions can change, and at times the unexpected does happen. With this in mind, we offer various engagement models so you’re certain to find one that suits your requirements, timeframe and budget.

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Sometimes the best ideas come from outside the box. We pride ourselves at bi5 on our ability to think differently, credited to our diverse range of team experience across various industries. This allows us to apply unique and innovative thinking to solve your business problem.

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We speak your language and can communicate and deliver even the most complex of solutions in a way that’s easy to understand. We ensure our consultants are able to communicate effectively at all levels of your business, from discussing data with IT, to transactions with finance and presenting to your board.

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