Experience a proof of concept with your own data allowing you to see, touch, and feel what the ultimate solution may look like.

Our proof of concept is an opportunity to provide you with a working application and create a common internal understanding of our technologies. This can be built in a matter of days and will give you evidence of our ability to deliver to your requirements.

The proof of concept stage is an ideal opportunity to think outside the box and explore options possible with the latest technology in order to get you one step ahead of the competition.

Fast Turn-around

bi5’s PoC can be completed in a very short timeframe with a working prototype of the final solution created. This forms the starting platform on which to expand whilst giving you confidence in our solution and minimising risk.

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Live data

A canned demonstration from a software vendor will always look impressive, however, a demonstration using your actual data will mean so much more. bi5 will use your data to build a working application of real use to your business to demonstrate capability.

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Organisations that feel confident about their underlying data are more likely to make the right strategic choices and gain a competitive advantage. bi5 can help your business become agile and get comfortable with your data in order to make important choices. Our proof of concept before you commit will demonstrate how our technology can value-add to your business and give you confidence in your investment.

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