bi5 offers a range of training options tailored specifically for each client.

Implementing a new solution or product is a big decision for any organisation and it is imperative that the return on investment justifies the commitment. One of the most important aspects of ensuring a good ROI is for the business to be responsive and accepting of the new implementation.

Many new implementations fail to deliver the expected benefit because organisations don’t provide staff with the right knowledge, leading to poor uptake and engagement.

Our training programs are designed to ensure your staff have the confidence and understanding to make the best use of the solution, ensuring your organisation reaps the benefits it demands. We specialise in providing BOARD, Excel and Power BI training.

We also understand that the total cost of ownership doesn’t end with the delivery of the first solution. Often ongoing amendments and support from outside consultants can lead to workaround being put in place. Our training can be tailored to provide you with the internal capabilities to do all future development in-house, helping to reduce costs and improve ROI.

Multiple Options

With different options available for training delivery you will find one to suit your needs. Whether you require one-on-one, group training or on-going regular mentoring sessions, we can help.

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Ongoing Guidance

A training course is just the beginning of understanding; learning doesn’t end when class finishes. For this reason, we provide ongoing support and guidance to all our training attendees, to answer crucial questions that may come up in the future.

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Our expert consultants provide you with the knowledge and understanding to access valuable online resources that will enhance and develop your skills into the future.

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