Improve your asset finance management with instant visibility on your repayment requirements.

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Keeping track of your asset financing repayments and balances can be difficult with spreadsheet based solutions. The Asset Finance Tracker has been developed to allow businesses to better manage their portfolio of assets and forecast cashflow requirements.

Manage your assets under finance with ease.

Easy entry and amendment of loans & hire purchases

With multiple entry methods (by rate or schedule) and multiple controls (payment timing, start of period payments, GST, and balloon repayments etc) you can create an asset finance repayment schedule that matches all your lenders.

Complete visibility on all your asset finance repayments

Quickly aggregate and sum all of your loans to forecast, budget and see upcoming cash or repayment requirements by day, lender, asset or finance type.

Easily identify borrowing opportunities across your lenders

The dashboard allows you to see outstanding balances, remaining finance capacity and average rates by lender to help determine which business lending specialist to approach for your next asset purchase.

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The Asset Finance Tracker for better asset finance management

Improved cash flow management

Instant visibility on upcoming repayment requirements to help to run your business, and integrate with your bank to help identify and forecast when issues may arise.


Complete access

Schedules are stored in an easily aggregated and analysed database giving you better visibility of loan position across lenders, sites, operations and asset classes.

Fast loan repayment reconciliation

Benefit from a faster loan repayment reconciliation process by integrating your bank extract and single click reconciliation against individual schedules.


Faster loan applications

Integrate the asset finance tracker with our 3-way model for a fully integrated profit and loss, balance sheet, and cash flow forecasting solution.

Easily adjust for additional payments

Enter as many additional or irregular repayments as you wish, or extend the term of the loan and the asset finance tracker will adjust the schedule accordingly.


Track depreciation

Whether your depreciation schedule is in another system, or you’d like it added to your asset finance tracker we can quickly include your depreciation schedule to allow you to compare remaining payments and depreciated value.


The Asset Finance Tracker is designed for any business, in any industry, that has many assets under finance. The Tracker is designed specifically to allow businesses to better manage their portfolios of assets. It was developed in conjunction with a range of bi5’s clients in the logistics, mining services and construction industries. The Asset Finance Tracker is a key part of bi5’s Finance Transformation methodology.
Yes, the tracker can load in your transaction extract and provide you with a transaction to loan reconciliation process whether you’re with major banks or other finance specialists.
Yes, our asset finance tracker lets you enter loans either with amount/term/rate, or with a payment schedule.
Some settings currently available are entry of repayment holidays, accrue interest, set beginning or end of period payments, set default GST payment period, manually adjust for additional repayments, fee incorporation, balloon/residual value payment, early payout/termination.
Yes, you can enter as many additional or irregular repayments as you wish, and also extend the term of the loan, and the tracker will adjust the schedule accordingly.
  • Ability to see IPMT, PPMT, balances
  • Allowance for fees, GST payment
Yes, how you enter and how you view your data can be fully customised to ensure it fits to your business requirements and circumstances rather than you having to change your business to fit.

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