Significantly improve the accuracy of budgets, planning and forecasts with the use of enabling technologies.

A modern ‘system’ for budgeting, planning and forecasting provides for better collaboration and flexibility to keep you relevant. In today’s business environment things are changing quickly. Without keeping forecasts up to date you’ll be flying blind and any variance analysis is virtually useless.

Leading software tools provide an efficient systemised process for multi-level driver-based budgeting and forecasting, complete with version control, rolling forecasts, workflow, scenario and sensitivity analysis. This allows you to easily forecast the impact your actions will have to ensure the best decision is made.

Rolling Forecasts & Budgets

Identify opportunities and respond effectively to consumer and industry demands with a rolling budget. Annual or strategic budgets are a good start, but a lot can change within a year that can significantly impact your business. With a rolling budget solution from bi5, you can easily manage your risks and quickly make the right decisions to realign resources with strategy and take advantage of opportunities as they present themselves.

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Workflow & Collaboration

Tired of your budget approvals process taking too long? A correctly structured workflow from bi5 can do away with frustration at budget time, with a clearly defined release, approval and rejection process allowing for easy collaboration.

Whilst also keeping track of all your department budgets from a single point, see changes and updates instantly without the need for re-sending individualised spreadsheets.

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Version Control & Scenario Planning

For most, finalising the annual budget is not a straight-forward process, it generally requires negotiation between departments and involves several back-and-forths of different numbers. With a version-controlled budget solution from bi5 you can easily keep track of your numbers at each stage of the process, and allow for the creation of multiple budget scenarios for reporting comparisons and sensitivity analysis.

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