Increase the efficiency of your analytics process with automated data flows.

A key determinant in an organisation’s ability to derive value from data is the efficiency and accuracy in how they process this information and the speed in which they are notified of any breaches of limits or KPI’s. With data automation, your information is free from human error and more accessible, enabling a thorough analytics process.

At bi5 we can assist your business by implementing technology to automate:

  • Data aggregation
  • Allocation and apportionment calculations
  • Application of business rules
  • Distribution of reports
  • Formatting

Automatic Distribution

With a scheduled process designed around your data’s volatility and sensitivity, you can let the data automation take care of the important details, leaving you to manage your everyday workload and simply keep an eye on your emails.

Our data automation solutions include the ability to set up automated exception-based email alerts and the distribution of filtered reports by email so you can take a hands-off approach to your reporting.

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Rules Automation

Every business is unique and has its own rules and calculations applied to data for reporting purposes, often done manually, outside of the standard reporting system or process. A solution from bi5 can automate your data and rule calculations, such as roll-up and aggregation, to allocations and apportionments. With no rule too complex for automation you can be sure that bi5 will find a solution for your situation.

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Automate Manual Data Processing

A solution incorporating ETL (Extract Transform Load) processing, can allow you to do away with manual data handling and load/report directly from your raw data. With the ability to combine and concatenate individual fields, replace strings and individual characters, a bi5 solution can handle any manual data manipulation and transformation you require.

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