It’s all about the data…
Like any raw commodity, its value only emerges when it is processed.

Today’s businesses often have several systems, each with their own database and data structures. Many businesses struggle with the integration of these disparate data sources to enable accurate and consistent reporting. At bi5 we can integrate your data into a single unified system greatly improving your reporting accuracy and efficiency.

Our preferred solution architecture leads to a single version of the truth for data and metadata. It allows drill-through to the transactional source, facilitates near real-time data integration and lowers operational overheads. Imagine a single view of a customer or product, deep diving from a KPI dashboard down to underlying transactional data with real-time operational and financial insights.

Multidimensional Data

Give your business the ability to make the most of your data with a multidimensional online analytical processing (OLAP) database from bi5. OLAP enables fast and intuitive access to centralised data to easily allow for related calculations, analysis and reporting. With its compressed nature, it also assists in limiting your businesses IT requirements whilst simultaneously providing a scalable and user-friendly data structure.

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Automatic & Scheduled updates

With automatic and scheduled data updates you can get access to regular reporting, allowing you to keep your finger on the pulse of your business and quickly respond to changing industry conditions. No matter how volatile your data is, we can develop a solution that will free up your time to analyse the latest performance reports to make the decisions you need.

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Single Source Of The Truth

Give your executives and board confidence in the reported numbers by ensuring all your values match and aggregate correctly. Remove the risk of non-updated spreadsheets reporting conflicting numbers by integrating all of your disparate data into one location. With our data integration and data management solutions we ensure you are provided with a single source of the truth to meet your reporting and budgeting requirements.

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