A Financial Reporting solution from bi5 will take the time and stress out of generating monthly management reports.

In many finance departments, the monthly/annual financial reporting period can be a lengthy process. With a financial reporting software solution from bi5 this can be achieved with a single click and presented in a format determined and controlled by you.

We provide the option to leverage the format in your current ERP software or be completely independent of this with the freedom to structure reports that suit your business, not your ERP/budget.

Financial Consolidation

Today, multi-entity organisations face many challenges with intercompany eliminations, consolidation adjustments and group reporting across multiple currencies. A financial consolidation solution from bi5 will give you turnkey functionality allowing for the merging of data from different locations and multiple general ledgers to perform currency conversion and eliminations. This enables your business to speed up the reporting timeframe and remove complex spreadsheet-based processes.

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Quick Close

In many finance and accounting departments as soon as month end reports have been released it is time to prepare for the next month’s, leaving little time for value adding tasks such as performance analysis and process streamlining. With a financial reporting solution from Bi5 directly integrated to your ERP(s), you can save time and resources by generating your monthly reporting pack with a single click.

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Single Click ‘Drill-Down’

Aggregated management reports are great to get a feel for your overall performance, but they often don’t give enough information to explain the ‘why’. Single click drill-down lets you instantly see the detail behind the numbers on whichever level you require, including; individual transactions, cost centres, departments and purchase orders. This allows you to gain a deeper insight into the data, analyse from different points of view and keeps the reporting load light.

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