Forecast and manage constantly fluctuating roster costs and staff coverage with accuracy.

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Accurate costing of employee rosters and scheduling is a key area of frustration for most disability and aged care service providers. This roster costing tool has been created to help eliminate risk by allowing you to forecast with greater accuracy and ease.

Optimise your employee scheduling from a cost perspective.

Instantly respond to changes

See asset ‘sustainability’ by individual residence. Cost and compare different roster structures and coverage scenarios to ensure the most appropriate roster change is applied.

Manage Tight Margins

Manage constantly changing variables against tight margins by allowing you to forecast roster costs with accuracy, and optimise your schedules from both a coverage AND cost perspective.

Apply changes across the board with a single entry

Instantly make changes that apply, for example, to the entire organisation, specific awards/EBAs, specific positions, or specific residences, with a single entry/update.

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Nebojsha Franich, Manager Decision Support, Nulsen Group

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How the roster cost and coverage tool helps

Fast and accurate roster budget and cashflow forecasting of your schedule.

The tool is easy to use, flexible and customisable and can be tailored to take into account any item you need to give you the most accurate financial forecast.


Measure fluctuating line items against margins to give real time visibility of cash flows.

So you can accurately and quickly calculate the cost of changes to staff rosters, for example.

Make the best decisions for your business based on a highly accurate forecast of your cash flow. Reduce the risk of making losses and help your business stay sustainable in a tight margin environment.

Calculate roster wage costs based on any combination of SCHADS, other awards, or multiple EBAs.

The tools also allow you to cost manpower budgets down to the individual days accurately, and forecast new rosters and their costs as participant requirements change.

You can see the sustainability of a particular asset, for example an individual residence, by comparing roster costs to funding to provide a contribution/loss comparison.


Run different scenarios based on funding and roster expectations.

Compare staff costs across multiple scenarios for different roster structures and allowances.

With the ability to test scenarios and make changes easily, you can save on NDIS provider hours while ensuring coverage.


Yes, the tool allows you to have multiple EBAs or awards, all with different levels and grades, pay rates and shift loadings.
Yes, the tool has several levels of ‘inputs’ which allows you to quickly apply changes to the entire organisation, specific awards/EBAs, specific positions, or specific residences.
In addition to showing your roster costs, the tool also allows you to view the coverage by half hour blocks, which we can then integrate with your participant schedule to provide a roster of care.
Yes, you can apply an expected % increase for your forecast periods for any and all rates and expenses.

We can also use employees' current pay point and anniversary date to apply the relevant pay point progression on their next anniversary date to further improve the accuracy of your roster cost budgets.
Yes, we can load rosters from your roster/HR system, or from exported flat files or spreadsheets.
Yes, the tool also allows you to manually enter rosters and incorporate these into your coverage and staff costs.
We can integrate roster costs into your annual budget/rolling forecasts. This can even be split to your budget by position, residence/house location, cost type (eg allowance, salary, loading, sleepover) and timed to coincide with your pay periods.

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