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With a history stretching more than 65 years, Nulsen is one of WA’s leading disability service organisations, employing over 800 staff and providing holistic quality services, offering 24/7 supported accommodation, in-home services, Support Coordination, and a range of other services for vulnerable members of the community.


Geoff Patching (CFO) of Nulsen contacted bi5 Solutions about Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) solutions.  With the industry facing significant disruption, there was room for a tailored solution to produce a forward-looking view of the organisation to improve decision making.

Nulsen was looking for a single platform to provide a solution for three main functions:

  • Budgeting & forecasts – including P&L/BS/CFS
  • Cost allocation
  • Roster costing and coverage calculation

Platform Chosen

bi5 Solutions recommended the Jedox EPM platform as the most appropriate solution due to its:

  • Flexibility and control
  • Familiar ‘excel like’ interface
  • Excel add-in
  • Modular design allowing future enhancements, and 
  • Price

The problem

As one of WA’s leading providers of NDIS accommodation support and in-home services, Nulsen was reliant on Excel spreadsheet tools to calculate staffing costs across over 220 residents in 50 residences. bi5 determined that a solution using the Jedox Platform needed to:

  • Accurately calculate roster costs for each NDIS residence
  • Update rosters without significant manual effort 
  • Reduce human error
  • Automatically relate rostered hours to resident requirements/schedule to determine coverage ratios, and
  • Apply ‘global’ inputs to conduct what-if analysis and scenario planning

As a large NDIS Provider, Nulsen supports hundreds of residents across dozens of houses. With the schedules of residents regularly changing, inefficiencies and inaccuracies in rosters were amplified and could have significant impact on the organisation’s sustainability.

As such, Nulsen was looking  for a solution to solve these issues, to improve both accuracy and efficiency, and provide roster cost calculations which were robust, secure and flexible.

The Solution

bi5 Solutions worked closely with the Nulsen team to develop an innovative solution in the Jedox EPM platform.  The solution improved the efficiency of the existing process and provided additional detail on each house and scenario, allowing for more efficient planning and analysis.

The main features of the roster cost and coverage tool were:

  • A single button process to bulk import existing roster details for all residences extracted from the rostering platform Riteq,
  • A centralised Global Inputs component inputs by EBA type or Award:
    • Shift types
    • Loading rates 
    • Pay rates (across multiple pay levels)
    • Area manager salary and residence allocation, and
    • On-cost drivers (superannuation, workers compensation, sick/annual/long-service leave, admin fee),
  • A scenario component where the end user could calculate multiple scenarios for comparison purposes,
  • A roster entry screen, where the end user could modify the roster details (start/stop/break) for each roster by individual employee/position and residence, with multiple scenarios able to be run for a single residence,
  • More accurate calculation of the cost of the roster entered,
  • Correct allocation of public holiday loadings, calculated on specific calendar days,
  • Allocation of area manager salary to individual residences,
  • The ability to view roster costs/salary and wages across a full financial year by ‘shift type’ and employee position/type,
  • Loading of NDIS funding by participant and residence, with the ability to easily adjust these to populate different scenarios,
  • Total residence cost vs funding comparison for profitability analysis
  • Versioning to allow for comparison of changes to inputs such as roster structure, cost rates, funding rates, on-cost rates, coverage rates, and what-if and scenario planning, and
  • Commentary throughout to allow the user to add notes and comments on each scenario and residence. This allows for easier recollection of each scenario.

Future Development and Enhancements

We have commenced enhancements to the base model to consider employees in Nulsen’s ‘Outcare’ division with different shift and pay structures.  

We are also looking to integrate the roster to the NDIS resident schedule, to facilitate easier completion of the NDIS reporting and submission requirements around coverage ratios.

With the roster hours and cost information now available in a very structured way, further enhancements may include the ability to analyse costs on a per resident basis to support submissions to the NDIS on plan reviews.

The next phase of development will also include financial and management reporting and budgeting, and cost allocation to enable Nulsen to have an integrated forward looking management tool to enable Nulsen to make more informed decisions.




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