Key features

Unified Planning & Analytics

Easy Set-Up

Acterys Apps provide pre-configured best practice reports, dashboards and workflows for cloud accounting/ERP systems for fast visibility to your most important KPIs.

Effortless Integration

One click ERP/accounting system connectors and the Acterys Cube Wizard offer an easy way to integrate your data to the Acterys Virtual Data Warehouse/Azure SQL server data warehouse.

Professional Data Models

With comprehensive security and governance attributes the Acterys modeller enables business users to generate & manage data models to suit your business planning and performance needs.

What is Acterys?

End To End Enterprise Planning & Performance Management

Acterys is a single platform for your end to end corporate performance management (CPM) and financial planning and analysis (FP&A) needs. Available as a cloud or on premise based service, it provides a virtual data warehouse to drive your data discovery, analysis and planning requirements.

With the option of using ready-built one click connectors to the most popular cloud accounting/ERP systems, or custom-built connectors to your systems, users can generate professional data models quickly These models allow you to easily integrate your relevant data from each source whilst also providing the flexibility needed to ensure they remain relevant well into the future. With a variety of templates available (Cost Center, Management Consolidation, HR, CAPEX, Cash Flow, etc) and the ability to build customised reports, users can build effective FP&A (financial planning & analytics) and performance management processes for your web browser and mobile devices, Power BI and Excel in one of the quickest ways possible.

Key features include:

  • One click connectors to a variety of accounting systems 
  • Business modelling/governance
  • Artificial intelligence support for financial planning & marketing analytics processes
  • Prebuilt templates for financial logic
  • Power BI visual integration
  • Live Excel integration
  • Live link for flexible reporting and write back from Excel
  • Financial reporting
  • 3-Way forecasting
  • Automated consolidation

Integration With Ease

Your analytics and planning environment ready in minutes

Power BI

Acterys software allows you to get maximum benefit from the most widely used business intelligence (BI) platforms around. With simple mouse clicks you can view the data from your ERP/accounting systems integrated with Power BI in ready-made dashboards, and start planning.


Take the pain out of the Excel reporting process and restore your confidence in the reported numbers with a single version of the truth by connecting Excel to your Acterys data model. Make planning and forecasting a breeze with data entry on any level, relative changes or calculation logic as required.

Xero / Myob / HubSpot / Salesforce / WorkflowMax

Use Acterys to integrate professional and customisable financial planning and consolidation to your accounting/ERP/CRM source systems. It provides the ability to process multi-entity consolidation, multi-currency, and intercompany eliminations, and can be integrated with nearly any other data source.

Not sure where to start? Get in touch today and our Acterys consulting experts will work with you to design a custom solution to meet your needs.

Solution Implementation

Let bi5 take the headache out of your financial planning analytics process

Let bi5 consultants help you with implementation. While it’s a simple process to set up Acterys software with its App, preconfigured reports and single click connectors, to achieve the best and most efficient outcome most companies like to enhance these templates, and integrate additional data so they are perfectly tailored to their business. Knowing how to integrate all your relevant data is critical – including, identifying the required data, understanding how it is structured and organising it for use within Acterys and PowerBl. This is particularly important with integrated planning solutions, which requires extracting information for relevant data sources in an efficient manner.

With almost a decade working in planning and analytics, bi5 Solutions has the experience and knowledge to ensure you get the most benefit from your Acterys implementation and the right solution for your business. Our understanding of data structure and how businesses ‘can and should’ use data will ensure we develop the right data structure for your Acterys solution, that provides what you require now and into the future.

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What our clients say

Ryan Clarkson – CSA Global

Group Financial Controller“With bi5’s understanding of how to apply BOARD to our business needs, we have developed insightful and forward looking financial reporting. We look forward to developing a fully integrated view of our business through the use of BOARD.”

BG&E – Engineering Consultants

Chief Financial Officer“BOARD proved extremely flexible, eliminating the problems we had previously experienced with security and version control. I realised that there was a long list of other business applications to which we could apply the BOARD platform.”

Jim Crockett – Cumberland Consulting

Managing Director“We have been extremely happy with the timeliness and quality of the service from bi5 and in particular the end product. We needed a simpler and easier application to analyse and map data to populate client organisational culture maps. Brendan worked quickly and effectively to provide the enhanced application and was very supportive in the roll out stage – going beyond what was contracted!”

Christian Urry – StateSwim

Managing Director“We have been working with Brendan for a number of years now, the budget analysis system he created for our business has been perfect. We have now been running it for over four years and have had no issues. In fact it has been so good that we have extended it’s life out for another three years without major work being required. Brendan’s knowledge of the system is excellent and his quick understanding of what we required made the build quick and painless. I would have no hesitation in recommending Brendan and bi5 Business Solutions for your business.”

Acterys FAQs

Acterys is a cloud or on premise based service for data discovery and planning. The platform allows you to create unlimited models from your business’s data source within its Virtual Data Warehouse, from which you can do planning, budgeting, forecasting and analysis within Power BI or Excel.
Organisations collect a lot of data in many different systems across the business and this data is used in many different ways. bi5 offers implementation services to help businesses develop an efficient and effective Integrated Planning and Reporting (CPM) system, which matches the data with the business requirements.

Our understanding of data structures ensures that correct relationships are established between your data. Our knowledge of how business should and could employ this data will ensure the level of aggregation and detail you require will be made available, which allows for much simpler and efficient management of your reports and dashboards. We also help you to understand the likely developments and changes within your business and industry, which will impact the way you need to report, analyse and plan in the future.

All of these important considerations are taken into account when developing the data structure for your Acterys and PowerBI solutions, ensuring implementation is flexible provides what you require, now and into the future.
Power Business Intelligence on its own is good, but with Acterys it’s great. Acterys software can help with automating the updates of your Power BI reports. It also turns it into a fully functioning budgeting and planning solution for a single version of the truth. It enables you to enter data directly for planning - a process that is not possible with Power BI on its own.
Yes, get in touch with us today to find out how you can access a free trial version of Acterys. You can connect your existing data sources, and review how it can transform your business’s processes.
Yes. The Acterys platform has two levels for business users, ‘Accounting & SaaS’ and ‘Acterys Premium’.

Accounting and SaaS provides you with the purpose-built Acterys App (templates and connectors) for a wide variety of systems like Xero, MYOB, DEAR, Hubspot and WorkflowMax.

Acterys Premium software uses the same system however it provides you with the ability to integrate data from most other sources and systems into your data model within the Virtual Data Warehouse.

Both options provide users with seamless integration with Power BI, Excel and the full reporting, planning and analysis capabilities of Acterys.
Yes. Unlike some other products, when Acterys is integrated with Power Business Intelligence (BI) it supports all of its key features. It is not just a marketing gimmick where a legacy web app runs in an iframe in Power BI or, worse, a completely separate application with a similar UI. It also seamlessly integrates with Excel with the Acterys Excel Add-in.
Yes. If you’re planning on monthly commentary, Acterys has purpose-built custom Power Business Intelligence (BI) visualisations which allow the user to enter commentary (or numbers) details which are written back to your data model. These details can then be viewed every time you view a report for that month.

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