Key features

The flexible corporate performance management platform for real-time planning and reporting in the cloud and on any device

Familiar Excel like interface

Jedox software is optimised for use with Excel, transforming it into a business intelligence and performance management solution. It allows users to convert spreadsheets to an enterprise class solution with a fast in-memory database, controlled access, workflows, seamless data integration and rich analytics and reporting capabilities, while removing the risks associated with Excel based business processes. Jedox allows users to perform their daily activities in an environment similar to Excel providing maximum ease of use. The easily installed Jedox add-in means you can also use it in native Excel.

Extensive integration, ETL & data processing capabilities

With over 50+ pre built connectors to enterprise software, best of breed applications and leading data sources, Jedox integrates seamlessly into any IT platform.

Use the powerful ETL tool, Jedox Integrator, to easily connect to any data source in the cloud or on premises, and extract, transform and load your company information into the Jedox Data Model ready for reporting and planning.

If you’d like a free trial, contact bi5 and we’ll connect Jedox to your data sources.

Jedox will grow with your business

Jedox’s flexibility and scalability allow it to grow and evolve with your company size and needs, rather than be outgrown by your business over time.

Whether you’re looking for a simple integrated reporting solution, an OLAP database to drive PowerBI dashboards, or a fully integrated corporate performance management solution for all your budgeting and forecasting needs, Jedox EPM can be tailored to support your requirements and fit your budget.

What Is Jedox?

Enterprise Performance Management and BI in one seamless solution.

Jedox is a cloud based leading enterprise performance management software solution for budgeting forecasting, planning, analytics and reporting across all your business units. Each business area gets a shared view of all relevant financial and operational information allowing you to develop strategic and operational plans collaboratively, and continuously monitor and measure progress and results.

Jedox software provides for integration of data from various sources, combining it in a unified single source of truth for planning and analysis. This unified representation of your company’s info together with Jedox’s pre built value-added processes allows you to boost data quality and better analyse interdependencies, meaning you can plan for future developments more easily.

The Jedox software platform is suitable for every company size and its functionality and flexibility will support your organisation at every step of business maturity. You can use Jedox for a quick conversion of an inefficient spreadsheet, into improved financial planning and analysis (FP&A automation), to the establishment of integrated cross-departmental corporate performance management (FP&A integration), and beyond.

With the Power BI Jedox integrator you can add planning and budgeting capabilities to your existing business intelligence system.

Key jedox features include:

  • Flexible cloud based software platform
  • Seamless data integration
  • Intuitive ExcelPLUS
  • Rapid time to value – rapid prototyping, agile implementation and application development without coding
  • Innovation for mobile and social – corporate performance management is easy on any device
  • Granular data governance – safeguard your information with granular user roles and permissions
  • Familiar interface for ease of use

Jedox…From Spreadsheets to Enterprise Performance Management

An integrated and flexible approach to consolidate, plan and forecast

Jedox Integrator – Integrate and cleanse your data

Merge all of your disparate data into a single source of truth and boost quality with the powerful and flexible Jedox Integrator.

The Jedox integration tool allows the user to gather info from various source systems like your financial accounting, ERP and CRM systems, any cloud solutions, or even simple Excel or text files, and integrate them to make them comparable for reporting and analysis, as well as your budgeting forecasting needs.

Powerful in-memory OLAP database

Storing your integrated data within In-Memory database (OLAP) provides powerful aggregation and allocation functionality in addition to highly flexible modeling options.

This allows for the representation and modelling of any business logic. Top-down, bottom-up or driver based budgeting and modelling, and even AI-supported planning, are easy with the Jedox OLAP database.


While Excel is still the most well-known analytics, planning and reporting software and offers great flexibility and ease of use, it has limited scalability, automation, security and control.

Using Jedox and its Integrator and OLAP database to drive your spreadsheets, you can enhance your budgeting, planning and forecasting solution with controlled access, workflows and seamless data integration. This functionality can help you remove many of the risks and issues inherent in Excel based solutions.

Not sure where to start? Get in touch today and our Jedox consulting experts will work with you to design a custom solution to meet your needs.

Jedox Partner

Let bi5 and Jedox streamline your planning process

With almost a decade working in planning and analytics, bi5 Solutions has the experience and understanding to help your company get the best outcome and maximum benefit from implementing Jedox.

When you work with bi5 Solutions to develop your Jedox software solution, you will always speak with a consultant who understands your language and terminology. Our ability to review and understand your planning and analysis requirements, and provide advice and suggestions on the most appropriate solution for your situation, allows us to help bridge the all too common knowledge gap between finance/operations and IT.

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What our clients say

Ryan Clarkson – CSA Global

Group Financial Controller“With bi5’s understanding of how to apply BOARD to our business needs, we have developed insightful and forward looking financial reporting. We look forward to developing a fully integrated view of our business through the use of BOARD.”

BG&E – Engineering Consultants

Chief Financial Officer“BOARD proved extremely flexible, eliminating the problems we had previously experienced with security and version control. I realised that there was a long list of other business applications to which we could apply the BOARD platform.”

Jim Crockett – Cumberland Consulting

Managing Director“We have been extremely happy with the timeliness and quality of the service from bi5 and in particular the end product. We needed a simpler and easier application to analyse and map data to populate client organisational culture maps. Brendan worked quickly and effectively to provide the enhanced application and was very supportive in the roll out stage – going beyond what was contracted!”

Christian Urry – StateSwim

Managing Director“We have been working with Brendan for a number of years now, the budget analysis system he created for our business has been perfect. We have now been running it for over four years and have had no issues. In fact it has been so good that we have extended it’s life out for another three years without major work being required. Brendan’s knowledge of the system is excellent and his quick understanding of what we required made the build quick and painless. I would have no hesitation in recommending Brendan and bi5 Business Solutions for your business.”

Jedox FAQs

Jedox offers a cost effective and easy to use budgeting planning and forecasting tool. It structures and links data from your various source systems and combines it in a unified planning, reporting and analysis platform. The resulting unified representation of your company’s information, together with Jedox’s value-added processes, enable the user to analyse interdependencies more precisely and predict future developments more accurately. Planning alternatives can also be better assessed and compared.
With the Jedox Excel add-in users can build enterprise class planning, analytics and reporting capabilities directly in native Excel. Or, transform your existing custom models and unite your spreadsheets and models with Jedox’s powerful multidimensional (OLAP) in-memory database. This provides secured access, workflows, and data integration from any number of source systems, and does away with (often) ad hoc manual export and preparation, uncontrolled user access and low security.
With the advanced Jedox Integrator and its out-of-the box connectors, any open data source can be connected and info extracted and loaded into the Jedox data model. With the ETL process feature in Jedox your data can also be cleansed, transformed and then integrated with data from other sources for a single integrated model.
Any user can view data to the level they require (providing the information is available to be loaded in). Using Jedox ‘DrillThrough’ you can click through and review your financial reports to see the individual transactions making up the reported numbers. This saves the user the hassle of flipping back and forth between their reports and ERP system when doing analysis, enhancing the ease of financial reporting.
Yes, the Power Bi business intelligence tool is supported. With the Jedox OData connector, Jedox offers the ability to integrate directly with PowerBI and load data into your PowerBI dataset. Users can use the ‘Get Data’ feature within PowerBI to quickly connect to your Jedox environment and see all your data models, and then control which data you wish to incorporate into your PowerBI dataset.
Jedox is a great tool to provide your company with collaborative planning analysis and reporting capability to support front-line decision makers, and consistently communicate changes in direction for all aspects of planning, including top-down target setting, allocations, reforecasting and tactical bottom-up planning.

With features like email notification and alerts you can also allow users to track the progress of their processes and budget in real time, create, validate and approve plans, and respond quickly to changes.
In a world that is continuing to move away from the notion that working from your company office is the only norm, Jedox is able to support your ‘work from anywhere, at any time’ requirements. The Jedox mobile application gives you the same functionality and access to the same information and dashboards on your mobile and on any device, allowing you to seamlessly get on with planning, analytics and reporting tasks at a time and place that works best for you.

Having the ability to source insights and collaborate with relevant departments for budgeting and planning from your mobile, tablet or laptop makes getting your work done easier and means you can maintain productivity even when you’re not sitting at your desk.

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