Enterprise Performance Management and BI unified in one seamless solution.

Jedox is an Enterprise Performance Management software solution for planning, analysis and reporting across all business units. Each area gets a shared view on all relevant financial and operational data allowing you to create strategic and operational plans collaboratively and continuously measure and monitor.

Jedox enables integration of data from various sources, combining them in a unified single source of the truth for planning, reporting and analysis. The resulting unified representation of your company’s data and its value-added processes allows you to better analyse interdependencies and plan for future developments more easily.

The flexibility of the Jedox platform will support your organisation at every level of maturity. It is suitable for a quick conversion of an inefficient spreadsheet solution, into improved financial planning and analysis (FP&A automation), to the establishment of integrated cross-departmental corporate planning (FP&A integration) and beyond.

You can also add planning and budgeting capabilities to your existing BI system with the Power BI Jedox Integrator.

Plan, Analyse, Report in one integrated EPM platform

Jedox provides you with self-service budgeting, planning and forecasting along with intuitive analytics and BI dashboards in one integrated platform. Users across all departments in your organisation can create integrated plans and reports based on the same data model and business logic.

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ExcelPLUS – enhance your Excel and remove risks

Use Jedox to convert your existing spreadsheet to an enterprise-class solution. While Excel is still the most widely used and well-known planning, analytics and reporting tool and offers great flexibility, it has limited scalability, automation, security and control.

With Jedox you can enhance your spreadsheets with controlled access, workflows and seamless data integration.

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Get started quickly with pre-built best practice applications

Leverage industry expertise and best practice from around the world with pre-built Jedox applications. With applications covering finance, sales, human resources and other departments you can get started quickly with a pre-built model whilst also having the flexibility to easily configure to your business requirements.

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