Why Power BI?

Bring data to life

Data Integration

Power BI allows organisations to connect to hundreds of sources of data on-premises and in the cloud. Microsoft’s Power Query tool allows for simple data ingestion, transformation, integration and enrichment.

Data Visualisation

Power BI enables businesses to create data visualisations and BI dashboards using a drag-and-drop canvas with a library of hundreds of modern data visuals to choose from and the ability to create your own using the Power BI open source custom visuals framework.

Advanced Analytics

Businesses can dig deeper into data and discover new insights with Power BI’s features such as quick measures, grouping, forecasting and clustering. View all of your data in a single place with the ability to create robust interactive models and gain a deeper understanding of your data with drill-downs.

Power BI delivers data insights for fast, informed decisions

Power BI is a comprehensive data analytics solution that allows you to discover and share insights across your organisation. Power BI brings data to life with a suite of analytics tools which allow your business to gather, connect, model and explore data with visual reports and dashboard features in a simple interface that’s easy to use.

With Power BI you can centrally manage your organisation’s business intelligence and publish real-time content that team members can access in the office or on the go. Power BI enables you to access and analyse a broad range of live data through user friendly personalised dashboards, interactive reporting, data visualisations and seamless integration with existing applications.

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Power BI consulting services

Many businesses have identified a BI project which would help them make better use of their data but don’t have the required resources or expertise in-house.

bi5’s Power BI consulting services allow you to access the resources and expertise you need to successfully complete your project. Get in contact and our BI consultants will work with you to achieve the outcome you’re looking for.

Microsoft Power Apps Consulting

Our Power BI consulting services include consulting and support for Microsoft PowerApps, a key component of Microsoft’s Business Application Platform. Whether you’re looking for ‘as needed’ PowerApps assistance or to build a complex custom business solution from scratch.

Power BI

Are your BI support requirements unique and always changing? At bi5 we offer a range of options to help including ad hoc and structured regular Power BI & PowerApps support.

Power BI Pay-As-You-Go Consulting

Do you need a one-off project or consulting? Our Pay-As-You-Go BI consulting services offer direct access to our Power BI & PowerApps experts so you can get the most out of using Power BI without a large or lengthy contract.

Not sure where to start? Get in touch today and our Power BI consulting experts will work with you to design a custom solution to meet your Power BI & PowerApps needs.

Use bi5 as your Power BI partner

At bi5 we think differently. We’re partners to our customers, not just consultants.
At bi5 we pride ourselves on our down to earth approach and our ability to communicate in a way that makes the complex, simple.

Our team’s unique skills and expertise allow us to quickly understand complex business situations and devise effective, intelligent solutions. Get in touch with our Power BI consulting team today to get started.


“We needed to create a robust deployable solution to our spreadsheet data capture system, a solution that was not in a box or off-the-shelf. bi5 listened, reflected and advised in the creation of a functional power APP that addresses our need for a simple user experience for complex data requirements”

– David Trench, BHP

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Power BI FAQ

Microsoft Power BI is a business intelligence platform that provides non-technical business users with tools for data analysis, aggregating, visualising and sharing.

Power BI offers integration with other Microsoft products and an intuitive user-interface making it a very versatile self-service tool that requires little upfront training.
There are many business intelligence and data analytics tools on the market. Power BI is one of the most widely used for its strengths in self-service analysis, ease of use, dashboard visualisations and ease of integration with Microsoft technologies (Office 365, Azure, PowerApps). It’s used by a wide array of industries and businesses of all sizes worldwide.

At bi5 we also offer consulting and implementation for the EPM platforms Jedox and BOARD and also Excel. Our BI consultants take your individual business needs into consideration and recommend the optimum software solution to help achieve your goals. We also provide a proof of concept and ongoing training to help you ensure you make the right investment decision.
Power Apps is a rapid application building platform which is built right into your Office 365 subscription. It brings a suite of services, connectors and a data platform that provides an environment to quickly build custom web and mobile apps for your business needs.

It’s based around the concept of a drag-and-drop user experience with low-code programming. Think of programming for Power Apps like writing formulas in Excel. This allows you to construct a mobile app and connect to external data sources or store data directly inside Office 365 without the need for additional databases and IT infrastructure.
The Power Platform includes Power BI (data analytics and visualisation), PowerApps (app development) and Power Automate (data automation).

PowerApps benefits include:
  • Responsive out of the box, ensuring users have a uniform experience in a browser or using a mobile app
  • Power users can build low-code business applications that are feature-rich and typically provide you a very rapid return on investment
  • Canvas-App Connectors are available to integrate with systems such as SharePoint, Microsoft 365, Excel and many common cloud applications.
  • PowerApps developers can build custom features, connectors and integration points or leverage third party services to extend the reach of the application into your existing software.
The typical use case for PowerApps is for field based data capture. On the move and need access to capture, review or update data? That’s it.

We’ve also helped customers to automate their office based or remote worker business processes using PowerApps. So if you have repetitive processes or processes which use Excel to “fill in the gaps” from business applications, this is a great use case and typically a significant improvement for limited investment.
There are three main elements to Power BI, each serving a different purpose:

Power BI Desktop Power BI Desktop is a report authoring tool that allows you to connect to various data sources, to create a data model, and build data visualisations that can be shared with others inside your organisation. This application is free to download and supports Windows operating systems.

Power BI Service The Power BI Service element, sometimes called ‘Power BI Online’, is the cloud-based central hub of the Power BI solution where users access and interact with their Power BI reports. Typically, reports are built in PowerBI Desktop and then published to the Power BI Service for sharing. The Power BI Service can also be used to create dashboards and reports using ready made apps for connections to cloud based data sources (eg. Xero, MYOB, Salesforce).

Power BI Mobile The Mobile component of Power BI allows users to interact with their published reports using smartphones or tablets via a downloadable app. It enables access to reports on the go, anywhere, at any time. It also allows for personalised data alerts and real-time data updates. Power BI Mobile supports Windows, iOS, and Android devices.
At bi5 we think differently. We’re partners to our customers, not just consultants. At bi5 we pride ourselves on our down to earth approach and our ability to communicate in a way that makes the complex, simple.

Our teams’ unique skills and expertise allow us to quickly understand complex business situations and devise effective, intelligent solutions. Get in touch with our Power BI consulting team today to get started.

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