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It’s rare to encounter an organisation where software isn’t an important aspect of their operation. Whether it’s a small business with a simple website, an international retailer with an e-commerce store and a Warehouse Management System, or a mining company, storing and reporting environmental data, at some point, each of those organisations will need to engage on some level with a software solution in order to ensure its smooth operation.

Problems of Organisations without a Software Team

Most times, vendor software support is easily overlooked in the buying process. Software applications are built by an external supplier over the course of a lengthy engagement, the supplier will often provide some degree of post-engagement support. However, there are several ways in which this type of relationship can break down and lead to the organisation and the supplier parting ways. For example, a lack of capacity, failure to connect to existing systems like Accounting systems, HR systems, Operational systems or the difficulty of running the application.

The supplier may find they ultimately do not have the capacity to offer reliable support. Their workforce will be committed to other projects and they’ll only have a minimal amount of time to handle requests from the organisation. This then leads to urgent requests going unanswered for hours or even days at a time and increases the risk that work done will end up being rushed or subpar.

Other examples include excessive additional cost, or the sense that the supplier is uninterested towards the needs of the organisation and isn’t providing enough value. Whatever the situation, the organisation now finds themselves in need of another software team. Especially in Western Australia this scenario is common because a lot of software companies don’t have offices on the ground. Most of the time the support comes from over East, Singapore or India, etc.

At bi5 we chose a different approach, by providing our clients with a ‘ Proof of Concept’ we ensure that the software solution has the needed capabilities and our consulting team can offer the right service before the client commits to it.

Support as a key Success Factor

It’s easy to forget how essential support services are, until you are up against a critical project deadline and require immediate technical assistance to help you reach your objective. What do you do if you don’t have up-to-date product maintenance & support in place?

The answer to this is that unfortunately you lose a lot of money and time trying to sort out your issues by yourself. It is extremely important for organisations to have immediate access to support services to help minimise the costs and risks of not meeting those critical business objectives.

The point is, it’s not about the software it’s more important to get the right support and assistance to make it work. So, when you’re looking for a new software solution or researching an upgrade, remember to look beyond products and prices. Data analytics and Business Intelligence software support is critical to your long-term success.



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